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Season 8: Episode 2

Let's discuss episode 2. Since there's that one thing that everybody's talking about, I'll just go ahead and start the cut now.

Buffy and Xander!!!!!!!!!  What the bloody hell is going on?

Okay, let's start at the beginning which starts with GiantDawn washing in a stream with Xander chatting her up about her issues with Buffy. Excuse me? I know Xander is her "brother", but did this scene really need to happen? Couldn't they have had another conversation in her room or outside the castle walls? Was it necessary for me to see a naked GiantDawn? No, so Joss...next time you want to expose me to some gratituous nudity, pick SPIKE!

After we have the umpteenth talk about Dawn's issues with her sister, we have Xander and Buffy talking about it. I wish they would resolve their issues because it irked in S6 when  Dawn didn't understand or empathize with Buffy's situation, especially after she found out Buffy was in heaven. How many times does Buffy have to give up her life for Dawn to get it? Buffy loves her. Buffy would die for her. Seems to me, Dawn needs to be appreciative and get a life. Who cares if Buffy's every thought isn't of Dawn? If the world doesn't quite revolve around her? Can we get Dawn in school or a hobby that doesn't involve her being around the Scoobies everyday? Something? Please Joss? Please?

So... we now move on to the issue that had the potential to unite the BAers and the Spuffies in a common battle cry, potential smoochies/sex between Buffy and Xander. I know you thought I was going to bash, but I am an adult. I can discuss it rationally.


Who the hell am I fooling, I almost screamed bloody murder until I realized it was a dream. That's right. A dream, but...not so fast my friends, why was Xander featured in a potential romantic dream? Why not Riley? Or some regular Joe Blow? I've thought about this and I've discussed this in my LJ, but weeks later and I still can't figure it out. The first part of this dream was probably the real deal. I'm sure Xander has spoken to Buffy before about Dawn, so why was this necessary here? We know Joss does nothing for kicks. There has to be a reason. I'll hazard a guess. Dawn's issues are going to be the big bad of this season. It's too many clues that she's having problems. That she's willing to use magic to solve her problems. I'm hoping this won't be a redux of Willow's magic addiction (stupid...stupid..stupid), but I could see Dawn being vulnerable and thereby usable to someone or some entity to get to Buffy and the Slayers.

In my previous discussion about this dream, I picked up on several things that hinted to me that Xander was a substitute for Spike. The conversation about Dawn was very reminiscent of the one they had in the park. I don't remember the ep, but Dawn had just discovered she was the Key and ran away. Buffy and Spike are in the park and Buffy had on that hideous coat with the leopard fur collar. Anyway, Spike, like DreamXander, encouraged Buffy to be honest with Dawn, to talk to her. When Buffy tells DreamXander that this time between them, it will be different, she'll be gentle, I immediately thought of her history with Spike. That this was the attitude Buffy would have taken with Spike if he'd survived the Hellmouth. Maybe I've been reading too much of fanfic, my own (pimp) and others, but that's how I saw it.

Of course, there's the final scene with the black boots and leather duster. It's Spike, I say. Spike. Of course, I know it won't be that easy for me, and I'm willing to accept I'm being duped by Joss. Until said time, I'll see Spike and that's that.

Alright, I'm going to wrap this up. We come to the realization that this is a dream and that Amy has placed some spell on Buffy that will eventually kill her. Bitch. Never liked her. Anyhoo...Amy thinks she's in control. She's got the Slayers and Xander at bay, while her minions are storming the gate. She thinks she has the upper hand, but these are the Scoobies. They haven't saved the world just by luck. All of a sudden, we see their secret weapon. The person who has been behind the scene, and she's broken through Amy's spell and the Slayers are gaining the upper hand on the demons. It's Willow....

More later.
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